Hard Maple

Formal Name: Acer saccharum
Color: Creamy white sapwood, often tinged with pink or pale reddish brown tones. Heartwood is more red in color, varying from light to dark reddish-brown.
Shade: Light
Grain: Fine texture, usually straight, although several variations of curly or burled grain cane be found and are desirable.
Workability: Pre-boring is recommended when nailing and screwing. With care, it machines well, turns well, glues satisfactorily and can be stained to an outstanding finish. Polishes well and is suitable for enamel finishes.
Physical Properties: Hard and heavy with good resistance to abrasion and identation.
Uses: furniture, cabinets, countertops and musical instruments. Also often used for various kitchenware items since it carries no taste and holds up well.

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Wood is a natural product. Some variation in color and grain pattern will occur between samples, images on this website, photographs and any specific installation.

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