Formal Name: Milicia excelsa
Color: Sapwood is typically a pale brown. Heartwood can vary from a light golden-brown to a dark brown and tends to darken over time. There can be dark spots or streaks (which are calcium carbonate deposits).
Shade: Light
Grain: Interlocked grain with a medium, even texture.
Workability: Generally easy to work, with the exception of its interlocked grain, which may cause some tearout during surfacing operations. Also, deposits of calcium carbonate are sometimes present, which can have a significant dulling effect on cutters. Iroko glues and finishes well.
Physical Properties: Medium density wood with medium shock resistance and compression values, as well as a medium steam-bending classification. Low stiffness value.
Uses: exterior trim, flooring, moulding & millwork, veneer, furniture, cabinetry, boatbuilding, turned items, and other small specialty wood items
Interior/Exterior: both interior and exterior
Origin: Africa

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Wood is a natural product. Some variation in color and grain pattern will occur between samples, images on this website, photographs and any specific installation.

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