English Sycamore

Formal Name: Acer pseudoplatanus
Color: Sapwood is light-colored creamy white to light yellowish in color. The heartwood ranges in color from light to dark brown.
Shade: Light
Grain: Most often straight-grained with consistent, fine silky texture. Figured logs of this exotic hardwood are highly valued. English Sycamore is considered the finest light-colored wood in the world.
Workability: Machines extremely well. It has both excellent nail and screw holding properties and also glues well. The silky texture provides an excellent based for paint, stain or polish. It is easy to achieve a beautiful finish with this durable hardwood.
Physical Properties: Medium bending and crushing strength, low stiffness and shock resistance. Excellent bending characteristics.
Uses: An excellent tone wood, English Sycamore is used to make violins, cellos, basses, and violas. It is also used in fine furniture, cabinets, architectural millwork and flooring, and is an extremely desirable wood for veneer.
Interior/Exterior: interior
Origin: Europe and Asia

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Wood is a natural product. Some variation in color and grain pattern will occur between samples, images on this website, photographs and any specific installation.

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