Formal Name: Tectona grandis
Color: Heartwood is almost always a rich golden brown in color, but may also vary from rich brown to a deep, chocolate brown with very dark markings. The sapwood is white to pale yellow in color, and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood.
Shade: Dark
Grain: Coarse texture, with either straight or wavy grain and conspicuous growth rings.
Workability: The coarse, abrasive texture of Teak makes it difficult to saw, producing a severe blunting effect. Pre-boring is recommended before nailing. It stains well and produces a beautiful finish when oiled.
Physical Properties: Medium density wood with high crushing strength and low resistance to shock.
Uses: Most often used in ship-building and decking, as well as in furniture, cabinet making and garden furniture. Since it is acid-resistant, it is used in laboratories as bench tops and chemical vats.
Interior/Exterior: both interior and exterior
Origin: South East Asia, Tropical Africa, Latin America

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Wood is a natural product. Some variation in color and grain pattern will occur between samples, images on this website, photographs and any specific installation.

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